Yonas and Aida, Directors of Ethiopia


Yonas is a pastor who loves spending time with people. He especially loves sharing Bible stories with them and teaching them how they might use Bible stories to plant multiplying healthy churches. During the pandemic, all travel within his country was suspended. He could no longer travel to the countryside where the majority of his trainings take place. He and his family of five were limited to their two bedroom apartment.

Yonas determined to use this time of isolation to pastor his family. They spent hours every day in prayer. They began telling one another stories. His children became expert storytellers. His neighbors soon began standing in their doorways listening to their worship. His neighbors are all from an ethnic group that have traditionally been sworn enemies of the people group to which Yonas's wife, Aida belongs. Aida decided to share the stories with her neighbors from her doorway. Two of her neighbors gave their lives to Jesus because of the stories and Aida’s persistent love for them.


Yonas and Aida decided they would not abandon the people they were training. However, the internet and telephone system in their country are too poor to make voice calls, much less video calls. So, they decided they would use a texting platform appropriately called ‘telegram’ to share and train. They began telling stories and mentoring storytellers over telegram. As a result of that training, 18 churches have been planted and 47 people have become believers.

Yonas said, “even if we must sit, still we can work for the Lord.”




Population:  1,310,028,730

Living languages:  2,154

Bibleless languages: 613

Non-believers: 96.8%




Population:  4,554,094,000

Living Languages: 2,314

Bibleless languages: 798

Non-Believers: 84.1 %




Population:   747,600,100

Living Languages:  289

Bibleless languages: 59

Non-Believers: 97.1 %


Pacific / Australasia

Pacific / Australasia

Population: 42, 466, 990

Living languages: 1,323

Bibleless languages: 405

Non-Believers: 71.5 %


South America

South America 

Population:  427,857,200

Living Languages:  455

Bibleless languages: 121 (including North America)

Non-Believers:  81.4 %


North America

North America 

Population:  367,252, 920

Living Languages:  254

Bibleless languages: 121 (including South America)

Non-Believers: 78.8 %